9 Beach Vacation Ideas

When it comes to go on your beach vacation, it can
be very hard to pick a destination. There are many
places you can go, whether you want to explore the
beaches of Hawaii or just play golf in Georgia.
Below, you’ll find 9 ideas to help you decide on
where to go for your vacation.

1. Hawaii resort
You can choose to put your frequent flier miles to
good use and take a beach vacation on the island of
Hawaii. Here, you can relax on the beach, swim in
the ocean, play golf, and even indulge in one of
the many innovative spa treatments. Hawaii enjoys
some of the best weather in the world – making it
a great choice for your beach vacation.

2. Golf and Beach in Georgia
Popular among the East Coast, the Cloister at Sea
Island in Georgia offers you 54 holes of championship
golf, sandy beaches, and a wide array of things for
you to do.

3. Oahu beach vacation
At the Kahala Mandarin Oriental you can expect to be
pampered like never before. You can visit the spa,
take scuba diving classes, or choose to swim it up
with the dolphins. The resort is conveniently
located 15 minutes away from Honolulu and Waikiki

4. Virgin Islands vacation
At this vacation destination you can enjoy blue
waters and sandy beaches. The Ritz Carlton, and
St. Thomas resorts offer you the best of luxury
hotels during your beach vacation in the Virgin

5. Half Moon Bay California
Located just 30 minutes by car away from San
Francisco, the Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay is a
quick beach vacation away from the normal busy life
of the city.

6. Luxury Beach Resort of Bermuda
Two hours away by flight from New York City,
Bermuda is a quick and ideal vacation away from the
East Coast. Ariel Sands offers you 47 guest rooms
with gourmet food and breathtaking views.

7. Romance and seclusion in Jamaica
With unique rooms and splendid views of the
Caribbean, gourmet cuisine and amazing beaches,
The Caves resort in Jamaica helps to set the beach
vacation mood like never before.

8. Lakeside Resort Georgia
Near Atlanta Georgia, the Lake Lanier Islands offers
a golf course for golf lovers and a waterpark with
several water rides, slides, and water attractions
the entire family will enjoy.

9. Family fun in Hawaii
The Kona Village Resort in Hawaii offers you
several vacation activities that include snorkeling,
kayaking, sailing, volleyball, tennis, fishing,
scuba diving, and glass bottom boat tours.


Is too much homework a bad thing?

When one of my daughters was in third grade, my husband and I were sitting at parent teacher conference. I was a little surprised when my husband asked the teacher to give our daughter more homework. He didnít feel like she was being challenged enough. I was also impressed, because I worked nights, and it left my husband in charge of overseeing homework. I knew he had been paying attention to what the kids were doing.
Is there such a thing as too much homework? I guess to answer this question you have to look at the reasons why you are asking. Is there not enough time in the day or week to complete it? Is the due date too soon after assigning the work? Is your child struggling to understand the subject?
Put everything into perspective. If you child doesnít have enough time because they have other things going on every night, then you need to decide what is most important. This is your childís education, and if their plate is too full, something else should go.
If the teacher is not giving a reasonable amount of time to complete the assignment, make sure you know when it was really assigned. Your child might be telling you a later date because they forgot or have put off doing the work. If it is really an unreasonable amount of time, talk to the teacher and explain the problem. They might think the assignment was easier than it really is, or that it didnít require as much research. Your child might also have misunderstood the assignment and is making it more difficult.
If your child is struggling with the topic, find them some help and see if you can get more time to finish it. If you canít provide the help, find a tutor or someone else that can help them.

Baby Shower Games

Spice up your baby shower festivities with some baby game fun! A few games can make sure the baby shower celebration you throw for your baby is fun and exciting. It could add a little zip to any gathering and helps the people attending get acquainted and feel at ease amongst each other.

The Name Game
Have your guests choose two names for the baby. Now, ask them to write these names on a piece of paper. Ask them to find words that can be made from those names. The object of the game is to make as many words from these names as possible. Give the guests a certain amount of time, as much as may be needed.

Tell the guests that the minimum number of letters for each constructed word should be three. Words that are made of two or less words will not be counted.

Also, ask the guests not to tell the names they have chosen outright, as a twist to the game can be made by having the guests try to guess the original names the players have chosen using the constructed words used.

Example: Michael – Anthony
Ant ñ hint ñ mint ñ minty – lint

Feeding Time!
Put a number of cotton balls in a big bowl, and place another empty bowl in front of it. Players will try to transfer the cotton balls from one bowl to the other while blindfolded. Players will go at this game one at a time. Have them use spoons to do so. Since cotton balls are so light, it will actually be really hard to gauge how many ball you are scooping with the spoons. The winner of the game is the player that able to transfer the most number of cotton balls per thirty seconds.

Rice Bowl
Fill a bowl half-way with plain, uncooked rice. Then mix in some safety pins (the safety pins have to be closed first). Have the guests take turns one at a time at this game. Blindfold the players and set them right in front of the bowls. The object of the game is to transfer as many safety pins to a different bowl in 30 seconds. This is a bit hard too, since the safety pins feel a lot like the rice too.

Baby Guests
Have guests bring along baby pictures of themselves to the baby shower celebrations. As the guests enter the celebration area, have them give these photos to a secretary who will label them with removable tape at the back and note on a different sheet of paper the identity of the photo. Be very careful with these photos as they are very important keepsakes.

Then furnish the guests with a piece of paper and a pen and show the baby pictures to everyone one by one. Have the guests try to guess the identity of the photo and write it down on their answer sheets. Afterwards, reveal the answers to the quiz. The person to get the most number of correct guesses wins the game.

Baby Shower Games
These games are only a few of the dozens of games you could play during the baby shower celebrations. Make sure these games foster friendships and, of course, put your baby in the spotlight. This will surely make your baby shower a lot more interesting and memorable.